WCPS terminates commitment with regional framework

In a unanimous decision, the Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) board of trustees has decided to pull $25,000 from initiatives

In a unanimous decision, the Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) board of trustees has decided to pull $25,000 from initiatives such as Leading and Learning.

The money once allocated to the Central Alberta Regional Consortium framework will now be repurposed in the budget for uses under a broader professional learning initiatives umbrella within the division. “My intention is to no longer name what the professional development is so that we are not tied to that,” explained trustee Barb Walker.

Superintendent Larry Jacobs told the trustees that the school division has always kept a close eye on any working relationships it has to ensure that the direction of the division is reflected in the direction of the other organizations.

“This upcoming year, we’re moving in a pretty dramatically different direction in terms of Inspiring Education, literacy, numeracy. The framework model and collective response model as well,” said Jacobs.

However, the Central Alberta RCSD framework is not moving in the exact direction as WCPS. “Their direction is a little bit tangential to ours,” said Jacobs.

In the past the $25,000 subsidy has been used to pay the division’s teachers to attend the organization’s functions. “Is that a valuable expense for us this coming year?” Jacobs asked the trustees.

Trustee Lorrie Jess felt spending the $25,000 would be a waste of money with the different direction the two groups are taking.

“I’ve noticed over the years that attendance at Leading and Learning has really gone down,” she added.

In terms of financial sustainability WCPS has been the prime supporter of the regional group. “It’ll be a bit of a blow to them,” said Jacobs.

“It’s nothing personal and people are still able to go,” said secretary-treasurer Joe Henderson, clarifying that the division was not banning teachers from attending if they wish.

Correction made – July 23/14:

In the July 2 edition of Ponoka News, the “WCPS terminates commitment with regional framework” story on page 9 states Wolf Creek Public Schools will no longer be giving money to the Regional Collaborative Service Delivery. However, they will actually be no longer giving money to the Central Alberta Regional Consortium. We apologize for the error.