Website allows more people to access Ponoka News

Ponoka News is bigger and better thanks to its newly formatted website that boasts of more options and features.

  • May. 7, 2008 8:00 p.m.

Ponoka News is bigger and better thanks to its newly formatted website that boasts of more options and features.

Ponoka News will now be able to better provide the public with up-to-date news and information. The website displays the top stories in local news, sports and, due to popular demand, the police blotter is also posted on the website.

The new website appearance will also let the staff at Ponoka News file stories electronically to grant access to stories from the past and present.

“The new look allows our editorial staff to sort and archive stories so they can be conveniently accessed by our visitors,” said regional publisher Aubrey Brown. “The website is a cumulative collection of published stories from the current and past issues.”

For those who wish to have access to the Ponoka News but are not in the circulation range, Brown believes that the website will keep them connected with the town.

“The website extends our reach to include readers who have access to computers. It also extends our frequency as visitors can return to the site continuously. At work, at home, in town, in the country and those away from home can easily access the Ponoka News from any computer.”

Brown trusts that the website will be successful and has already seen positive results after it was launched. There have been a significant number of visits to the website and Brown predicts that it will remain that way.

“Not everyone has access to our weekly community newspaper all the time. Almost immediately the website joined the top sites visited in the community. The local news content and the archives make the site an information resource. As for the number of hits to the sites we are still counting but we should have numbers soon as we will report regularly to our website advertisers.”

Although there are still some finishing touches to be done the website is set to provide the public with the best information and links.

“It is not finished; we have just started working with the new template,” said Brown. “In addition to reprinting our published stories we will be offering online new and articles in real time, classifieds, video and extensive photo libraries. The entire site will be managed by our Ponoka News local staff and I expect they will have some great ideas on website content.”

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