Wildrose to recover Alberta advantage

Wildrose Party candidate for Lacombe-Ponoka Ron Orr announces his platform for the 2015 Alberta provincial election.

  • Apr. 22, 2015 10:00 a.m.

“Thought leadership” is critical to success for Alberta. Wildrose has been, and will continue to be a cultivar of new ideas that will recover the Alberta advantage.

Ron Orr

Wildrose Candidate

Fiscal prudence: The only party with a detailed plan to balance the budget by 2017 without raising taxes is Wildrose.

Alberta does not have a revenue problem. We have a spending problem.

We are facing the largest tax increase and debt in our history: only Wildrose will prevent it.

We will NOT reduce charitable tax credits, freeze school funding, terminate diabetes funding, cut front line nurses or teachers.

We will end corporate handouts, untendered government contracts, excessive MLA pay and perks. We will reduce government managerial ranks by 33%, government travel, advertising and conference budgets by 50%.

Spending reductions will result in 2.2 billion saved this year and 3.5 billion saved in 2017-18.

We will re-grow the heritage savings fund to 200 billion in 20 years.

Healthcare: Wildrose will reduce excessive health care management expenses, by 50%  in order to strengthen direct nursing care and hospital staff.

We are committed to Universal Public Health Insurance and the Canada Health Act. But will believe that local decision makers know best, and care most, about delivering health care.

We will foster a culture of patient choice, accountability by providers and competition within a publicly funded health insurance system.

Alberta has the second lowest home health care spending in Canada; we will expand home health care.

We will scrap the Seniors Drug Plan which places onerous premiums on seniors.

We will encourage primary health care – disease prevention and health enhancement.

Education: Wildrose believes in education that fosters creativity and choice. A good education is the key to success in life and society.

We support broad diversity in education: public, catholic, private, charter, distance and home.

We respect individuality with an option for schools to opt into a competency based learning and assessment model.

We will restore the funding now frozen in the budget.

We will build schools long promised but not built.

Democracy: Political process in Alberta is broken. Democracy that is accountable to voters must be restored. Wildrose is committed to open and transparent government.

We will institute a Freedom of Information Act which eliminates unreasonable financial barriers to information.

We will implement MLA recall, and citizen initiated referenda, legislation.

We will keep fixed dates for elections.

We will introduce whistle blower legislation for protection of all government employs.

Rural sustainability: Wildrose is a rural community builder. Small communities need stable funding. We will provide that with 10/10 funding to be used as local municipalities choose.

Agriculture is one of our most a stable, renewable industries. We will review agricultural regulation.

Our rights to property, fresh air and clean water will be protected. We will repeal Bills 19. 24, 36, & 50.

We are committed to giving producers full marketing freedom. We will assist in creating supportive international trade agreement.

I will represent all members of Lacombe-Ponoka with equality and integrity. Exercise your right to vote on May 5 for a bright Alberta future.


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