Wolf Cree Public Schools

Wolf Cree Public Schools

Wolf Creek Schools code of conduct coming this fall

All area Wolf Creek Public Schools will soon have a revamped code of conduct for students to follow.

All area schools will soon have a revamped code of conduct for students to follow.

A draft of the new School Code of Conduct was presented to Wolf Creek Public Schools (WCPS) trustees at its board meeting on March 2, with the code to be implemented for the 2017-18 school year.

Amber Hester, assistant superintendent of Inclusive Learning Services, explained to trustees the need for an updated code came as a result of changes made to the requirements by Alberta Education for safe and caring schools last year.

Following discussions and feedback from administration and staff from all WCPS schools, it was determined that a division-wide, more generic School Code of Conduct would be the best way to replace the school-specific student codes currently in place.

“With the code now having to refer to the Alberta Human Rights Act, outlining what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour along with the consequences and what support will be provided to students, plus the need to dealt with activities occurring outside school that have an impact at school, staff went a step further with developing one that would cover division-wide,” Hester said.

“While each school approach is different, there was a feeling we didn’t need to go back and redo all of the school’s codes. The templates developed have simplified the code and been a great help, while it can be added to and made school specific.”

The templates have been sent back to the schools in order to receive more feedback from staff, students and parents with any revisions expected to be submitted by April 15, with the final approval by trustees by the end of May.

However, Hester added there are some areas of the code that schools can not amend or change due to Alberta Education requirements.

Trustee Trudy Bratland welcomed the new division-wide aspect of the code, stating it will bring a sense of continuity to WCPS.

Summer school

After an absence, WCPS will return to offering a summer school program this year.

In his written report to trustees, superintendent Jayson Lovell stated a meeting was being held this month for any teachers and school administration that are interested in participating in the project. It’s anticipated several staff will take part and that significant student interest has been expressed, given that there will be flexibility in the programming options available which will include face-to-face and online instruction.

Details on what will be offered and dates for the program will be released at a later date.

Mental Health

Two groups of WCPS administrative assistants have received training in first aid skills for someone developing problems or experiencing a mental health crisis. The course, taught by three WCPS staff, is meant to help address one of the top concerns facing children, youths and adults by providing staff with the awareness and sensitivity to assist with mental health issues and topics that may come up.

Bright Futures

Registrations continue to stream in for the division’s Bright Futures Play Academy with information sessions being held across WCPS. This includes parent meeting at two WCPS schools that presently are not providing the program, but are interested in do so for the coming school year.

In addition, WCPS is working with Parent Link in Lacombe and Blackfalds to promote parenting sessions to go along with the current family-oriented program sessions in place.