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Ponoka blood donations an impressive number

Ponoka surprised and impressed the workers at the Blood Donor Clinic on Nov. 12. Many people flocked to the Kinsmen Community Centre to donate their blood to benefit the lives of others and their giving exceeded the quota set for the clinic.

Greener car options gaining popularity among new car owners

Environmentally friendly car options are becoming more and more popular among new vehicle buyers as they look for ways to cut fuel costs and reduce their environmental footprint. Here are some of the bells and whistles on the market today:

School bus safety plan being put into action

The Government of Alberta is implementing a 10-point action plan for improving school bus safety across the province.

Tips for keeping your car like new

You don’t have to buy a new vehicle every three or four years if you take proper care of the one you’ve got. Freeman Young, president of Krown Rust Control Systems, offers these tips for keeping your automobile looking its best and performing well for many years:

Good car maintenance returns 6:1

For every dollar spent on maintaining your vehicle, you stand to keep six dollars in your pocket, claims a recent study in the automotive industry.
New Chief for Montana Cree Nation

New Chief for Montana Cree Nation

The members of the Montana Cree Nation are celebrating a new chief after electing one individual to take on the position. Chief Carolyn Buffalo was elected to a three year term as chief of the Montana Cree Nation on Oct. 8.
Wanted for a Sept. 27, 2008 liquor theft.

Wanted for a Sept. 27, 2008 liquor theft.

Rustproofing your car equals safety

Most of us are safety conscious drivers and we want our vehicles to be safe for us to travel in, no matter what their age. But if you keep your vehicle for more than four or five years in a harsh climate like ours, it will inevitably start to show signs of deterioration. Rust is one of those signs.
Wanted for a May 26, 2008 theft at a liquor store.

Wanted for a May 26, 2008 theft at a liquor store.

Discovering the wonders of the night sky

Highlight: One of the year’s most spectacular views in the night sky will be a grouping of the two brightest planets with the moon on Monday evening, Dec. 1. Jupiter, Venus and the moon will meet in the southwest just after sunset.