Editor of the Pipestone Flyer, Shaela Dansereau.

Editor of the Pipestone Flyer, Shaela Dansereau.

A funny story to keep you company this cold snap

To brighten a few moods, because I know it brightened mine when I first heard it, I will share a recent story about my mom’s mask mishap that happened just a few weeks ago.

Currently, my parents are doing some home renovations, and one day needing a few supplies they took off to go shopping at Home Depot, Rona, etc. At some point while shopping, my mom has to use the washroom. While in a stall she decides to take a second and take her mask off, to take a breath of air without it while she is safely distanced and blockaded from others around her.

I think you can guess what happens next …

That’s right, she accidently dropped her mask in the toilet.

Now she is freaking out, as my mom is very pro-mask and always wears hers in a public setting. First things first, she has to figure out what to do with it now. She finally fishes it out of the toilet bowl and throws it away in the sanitary napkin disposal. Then she starts frantically texting my dad S.O.S and telling him that he needs to bring her a mask. In a classic dad move (especially one occupied in a hardware store) he doesn’t answer her.

My mom realizes after a while that nobody is going to come to her rescue, but she doesn’t want to go outside of the washroom without a mask. She is terrified that people are going to think she is intentionally not wearing one and being an anti-masker.

Carefully she creeps out of the washroom and tries to find the closest employee. Luckily she was able to find one, and this employee’s day was made because she laughed and laughed at my mom’s situation before pointing out that there were disposable masks by the tills that my mom could grab.

My mom quickly found the masks, put one on and went to find my dad, who to this whole point didn’t see any of her texts and barely acknowledged when she returned. She said he didn’t even notice that she had changed masks.

I may think this story is funnier than it actually is, but I think it is a funny lesson in wearing masks: no place is safe to take them off. It may be a silly story, but in these times random coincidences like this are enough to make me laugh.

So please keep yourselves and your masks safe as you brave this cold, and if you have any mask missteps please write a letter and let us know. We could all use a little more humour to keep us warm this winter.