(Stock image/Metro Creative Connection)

(Stock image/Metro Creative Connection)

A whole new season is among us

Spring has kind of officially sprung. There’s still snow on the ground, but seeing those lighter days and higher temperatures creates a sense of excitement. At least for me it does. I’ve already started a bunch of my seeds indoors for the garden. Tomatoes and peppers are growing strong. Any other gardeners out there who are excited for summer? I can’t wait to be in the garden. It’s something my husband and I enjoy doing in those summer months. We go out when he gets home from work to see how the garden is progressing. My oldest started getting into helping last year and did such a great job harvesting all of the tomatoes. Some came out squishy, with finger-sized holes in them, but hey, you win some you lose some. He also loves running his hands through the dirt and looking for worms. It was pretty cute watching him experience new things. I’m excited for a whole new experience this year with both of my boys out there, as the youngest one will be more interested in what we are doing.

Last year was a tough year on some of the crops. We had golf sized hail where we are, which definitely put some holes in our crops, especially the lettuce, but some came back which was good. I definitely need to look at the weather beforehand this time around to make sure I protect those veggies.

There’s definitely something to be said about the term ‘spring forward.’ I know it means setting our clocks forward, which actually didn’t go as bad as I thought it would having kids; but the term to me really feels like a ‘get to work’ term. We did a whole big clean of our house, reorganizing some things this week. I also did a toy rotation for my boys, taking some out to the garage and letting them experience their other toys they haven’t seen in a while. It’s a whole new play experience and keeps things fun.

The hubby and I are finishing off some renovations inside our home before we head outside to work in the yard and on the biggest project of all — new windows, siding and doors. Boy have we been busy. Besides the garden, which will mostly be my job to tend to, we will be adding in a dog run beside our house for our two dogs, because let’s just say they like the taste of those veggies and they love to dig. That’s not going to pass this year!

I always think of spring kind of like the beginning of the year, a fresh start. It’s a whole new season. I’m all about setting goals and getting things done. I love ticking off boxes on my to-do list, especially house work. I’ve noticed that over the years my mental health is way better when I have a clean house and everything somewhat organized. I mean, I have two kids, how clean are we talking? I definitely expect toys to be scattered across the floor, which means they had a good time playing, but when they are done, they need to help mama clean up.

Something else spring can bring along with it are those headaches we sometimes get when the weather changes. My husband sadly suffers from migraines and also has hay fever, which is of course inevitable come summer with all that pollen. I definitely feel a shift in energy when spring comes, sometimes bringing one last cold or a headache or two before I get fully adjusted to the new season.

With all that said, I’m so excited that the weather is starting to look slightly warmer. Seeing my plants popping up definitely gets me excited for this growing season. Also, seeing a new chapter open up as my one son starts swimming lessons is definitely going to be exciting. So, here’s to a successful growing season, a fresh slate and new experiences!