Anti-Alberta politics

Things are bad on earth; so bad that many of the more sensitive souls are not able to bear another minute

Dear Editor,

Things are bad on earth; so bad that many of the more sensitive souls are not able to bear another minute of the dysfunctional insane out-of-control, man-made world and so are choosing to leave this world. That may not bother many people, but I take it as a sign of just how bad things really are in this world.

Of course, most people are accustomed to the state of affairs in this world, especially to the crazy-making in Canadian and provincial politics; so accustomed that they can’t even imagine that justice, equality, health, peace, beauty and such things could be more than just airy-fairy ideals.

Alberta could so easily (except maybe weather-wise) be a heaven on earth. We have the natural beauty of the various landscapes; we are blessed with many natural resources; we have a diverse population with the potential (of) creativity, vision, and will to solve any of our problems and make this a great place for all to call home.

But we have been so used to being abused that we continue to grant power to those who further abuse us and grossly mismanage our resources. I found it unbelievable that Premier Prentice (on CBC) would blame Albertans for the consequences of decades of PCons mismanagement, and then belittle our indignity and have his two henchmen (Mandel and Campbell) defend him even though they said they weren’t aware of this issue that dominated cybernews. Who votes for people such as them who are so blissfully unaware and unconcerned with something that so profoundly impacted any Albertan who was aware of what happened?

Prentice certainly didn’t speak for me when he said “All of us have had the best of everything.” If you continue to support and vote for this man who said that we are all responsible for the financial mess Alberta is in, you are not much different than the abused woman who stays with a man that beats her and then blames her, saying “You made me do it.”

We wonder why women don’t leave such abusive relationships. Likewise, I wonder why he majority of Alberta voters keep voting in leaders who abuse them and care way more about staying in power and about their own financial gain than they do about the wellbeing of Albertans and Alberta. The reason for both is that over time, they have become so used to abuse, disease, dysfunction and crazy-making, that they can no longer even imagine the possibility of a better life, let alone know how to go about creating a better life, one where they are respected, valued, where their needs, concerns, contributions, dreams, and gifts are welcomed, acknowledged, appreciated, understood, accepted, and valued.

Forty-plus years of PCon rule has gotten Alberta into a very sad state of affairs. If this is acceptable to you, continue voting and empowering them. But if you find this totally unacceptable, why not take a chance and consider voting for a political party that hasn’t yet been proven to be failures at managing Alberta’s affairs. For sure, no other party could do worse than the PCons and their anti-Alberta attitude/politics.

Evone Monteith