Back to school like never before (in some ways)

Trustee Dan Svitich

Trustee Dan Svitich

“For you, O Lord, are my hope, my trust, O Lord, from my youth.” – Psalm 71:5.

Many things about school looked different as students made their way back this month for the first time since March.

They enter the buildings through separate doors and use hand sanitizer upon arrival. Afterwards, they make their way to their classrooms guided by lines or traffic pylons that weren’t there before.

When they arrive in class, desks are spaced out further than usual, and there’s no more sharing of supplies. When the bell rings, no one rushes to stand up and jostle out the door and into the hallway.

Vending machines and microwaves are out of commission; recess means joining cohort classmates in an assigned area to enjoy the fresh air.

And the masks — all colours and patterns of them! Remember when masks were only seen often during drama productions or Halloween? It feels like so long ago now.

There are a lot of differences — these are but a few — but there are a lot of similarities as well. The sound of laughter still floats through the halls and common areas, and the smiles in our eyes are a clear reflection of the grins we continue to wear under our masks.

Joy, intrigue, and wonder still fill the room as a class learns something brand new, and teachers still beam with pride when students contribute their own brilliant ideas during conversation.

Although physically apart, the sense of togetherness in our schools is still felt fiercely; no matter what, we remain a connected community. And, above all, the warmth and love of Christ that fills our walls and our hearts remains as steadfast and unwavering as ever before.

Yes, it’s true that a lot of things are different this year, but some of the most important things have stayed exactly the same.

– Submitted by STAR Catholic