Both financial and health concerns dominate smart meter issue

First may I commend you and your newspaper for its unbiased and balanced coverage of the smart meter debate.

Dear Editor,

First may I commend you and your newspaper for its unbiased and balanced coverage of the smart meter debate.

Frankly, I, however, do not believe there should be any debate on the subject as I am not in favour of this endeavour or the associated costs both financially and (with regard) to the health of my fellow Ponokans, including town council and Town Of Ponoka employees.

I have researched this subject very closely and there is not only, in my opinion, very real concern with the technology, but also with Neptune Technologies’ track record in communities where they have been installed.

Why would I trust a corporation in the first place, let alone one that will not return calls to the Better Business Bureau regarding the numerous complaints from the unfortunate souls that allowed these meters into their homes and their subsequent ridiculously high water bills?

I don’t even want Karl Nortob to get a ridiculously high water bill after he blindly invites the Devil into his home, let alone problems with his health.

Not only are these meters proving unreliable and breaking down far before their “15 to 20 year” life expectancy, people are suddenly getting ridiculously high water bills due to “a leak” they never had before the next bill after their “smart meter” is installed and their analog meter removed.

If these fine works of technology do break down as has been noted by unfortunate customers elsewhere, they are replaced at customer expense. I will keep my analog meter, thanks, which I own as it is a part of my home and it is bought and paid for!

My analog meter is working just fine and I adamantly refuse your smart meter, in fact, I am quite content to stick with analog to save the taxpayers (that includes me) over the next three years the cost of $1.275 million dollars installing these unreliable health hazards.

If you must hurt your employees by laying off your meter readers, I will be glad to give you a monthly reading by phone or email should there be a corresponding reduction in my Town of Ponoka utility bill.

That 1.275 million includes just smart meter installation costs, just wait until the lawsuits start rolling in addressed to the Town Of Ponoka and their new friend Neptune for damages to health and the installation of faulty meters produced by a corporation which refuses to be accountable to its customers or the Better Business Bureau, not to mention the costs of re-installing the analog meters which worked excellent in the first place.

I am quite happy to have my taxpayer dollars go to meter readers so they can support their families in my community and contribute back to our economy as opposed to lining the pockets of a corporation, which does not care one iota about their customers or this community.

If the Town Of Ponoka wishes to put families at risk in their community by laying off meter readers and installing questionable technology at your expense what does that say about how they feel about the taxpayers, their employees and us their employers?

These meters are apparently not near as reliable as Donna Brinksworth, Communications Officer with the Town Of Ponoka would have you believe when she stated,” Installation of water meters is mandatory to all residents”, and “the meters have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.”

How does Donna Brinksworth know what the lifespan of these meters is as it is new technology? It is not mandatory to cause health problems to Ponoka residents, in fact, it is illegal to cause harm to people and to force them to accept it, that is a dictatorship!

I for one do not accept my tax dollars going to support a dictatorship or an untrustworthy corporation.

In fact, perhaps wholesale changes are due next municipal election.

I like small town living for the simplicity of lifestyle that it brings, is it necessary that I sell my home and move to the country so I can derive “free” clean water from my well and not be dictated to by the people in my employ?

By the way, I don’t believe the Town Of Ponoka will let Barry Huddleston or myself to drill water wells in our backyards, if that is my only option, however, I guess I would have to fight for that option or move to the country. Barry, you and your family are welcome on my land any time even if you just want to fill your water tank.

Hasn’t this town already regressed enough the last few years without forcing the people that actually want to live in Ponoka to move to the country because of the Town Of Ponoka’s love affair with Neptune Technologies while the rest of us get skewered by their trident?

I have known Barry Huddleston and his family for 31 years, he is not “paranoid”, “irrational”, “irresponsible”, “inaccurate”, or “loony”!

By the way, Barry does not have a cell phone, wi-fi or a microwave, in fact, he gets sick just from having neighbours with wi-fi!

Your use, Karl Nortob, of the term “loony” especially in the town with which you apparently live is not only politically incorrect but vexatious and disrespectful as was your letter to the Editor in its entirety regarding my friend and neighbour Barry Huddleston.

I have never heard your name before, Karl Nortob, do you actually live in Ponoka? Have you Karl Nortob actually investigated smart meters or do you just blindly march to Neptune’s orders?

I believe in the near future you may just have to apologize to Barry Huddleston for your knee-jerk unresearched and disrespectful diatribe sent his way regarding the meters.

Barry may be a little eccentric and dance to the beat of a good Chuck Berry tune but he is far from lacking the “abilities” you claim he may be lacking, in fact, he is a very well read, bright and astute individual that has invested a lot of time, effort and research to try and protect you and his neighbours from this corporation and its meters.

In fact Barry was born and raised in Ponoka and would probably give you the shirt off his back should you need it although he may want an apology first.

Where did you grow up Karl Nortob? And do you actually live in Ponoka?

Let’s have coffee you, Barry and I and discuss the matter in a civil fashion.

We care about you and your family too!

Sincerely but with great concern,

Scott Harley RPN

(In case you don’t know, Karl Nortob, that RPN means Registered Psychiatric Nurse and we have a psychiatric hospital in this town.)