Canadians value diversity, from a Ponoka reader

Ponoka News reader suggests Canadians value diversity in response to a letter about Trump and fascism.

Dear Editor,

Enough is enough of all the hate and ignorance being furthered these days, mostly by anti-Muslim and anti-NDP people.

It is not only putting the lives of Muslim-Canadian citizens and Liberal and NDP legislators at risk, it is eroding quality of life and making the world more dangerous for all of us. And when people refuse to be properly informed of issues, choosing instead to rigidly hold to hate and ignorance, and teach that to their children, they are not only part of the problem but they leave themselves behind in all the current movements to make the world a saner and safer place for all. It simply serves no good purpose to continue pushing hateful propaganda, as with that recent letter to the editor about President Donald Trump and fascism.

To be clear, it is not the religion that is making Christian or Muslim people do those things. It is their interpretation of the religion they favour, mixed with some serious mental health issues and cultural diseases. Case in point, the writer of that letter with his fear-mongering hallucinations about the M-103 legislation.

As a country, Canada values diversity. For the most part, we are a humble, dignified and caring compassionate people and so most of us can no longer tolerate the intensity of the erroneous hate that targets Muslims, who comprise only three per cent of our population. We can’t benefit from our diversity if we continually persecute that three per cent with dangerous ignorance and hate. All that fear, hate and ignorance is putting some Canadians’ lives at risk. Case in point: those six people murdered in Quebec while in their mosque praying.

Motion 103 is a non-binding motion that asks the government to: recognize the need to quell the increasing public climate of hate and fear; request the heritage committee study how the government could develop a government-wide approach to reducing or eliminating systemic racism and religious discrimination, including Islamophobia; and collect data to contextualize hate crime reports.

To me, Motion 103 sounds like a mighty good idea. The majority of Canadians are in favour of anything that can be done to put a stop to the crazymaking, especially hate and ignorance acted on which results in loss of life for no good reason other than some Canadians fearing other Canadians.

Evone Monteith