Dan Svitch

Catholic Education Week and the Catholic school trustee


“An education in the fullness of humanity should be the defining feature of Catholic schools.” – Pope Francis

This month, STAR Catholic School Division joined Catholic school districts across the province in commemorating Catholic Education Week — a week-long celebration of our schools and the gift of publicly-funded Catholic education that included World Catholic Education Day on May 13.

We are blessed to be able to offer our students an education of the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. Our students learn the importance of service and compassion and are challenged to make the world a better place by making Christ-like decisions every day.

Students of all backgrounds are welcomed into our safe and caring schools, and our passionate educators go the extra mile to ensure every individual knows their self-worth, and to respect the diversity and beliefs of others.

Dedicated Catholic School Board Trustees are necessary to ensure the communities they serve continue to access high-quality Catholic education. Acting as role models representing the Division, Trustees engage with members of the community, create policy and adopt budgets, and lobby all levels of government to ensure the voices of the Division and community are heard.

The Board of Trustees makes all its decisions with the best interests of students, staff, and families at the top of mind. The nomination period for the 2021 General Election, which will take place on October 18, 2021, is currently open.

Residents with a passion for Catholic education and a willingness to serve their community are invited to run for a position on STAR Catholic School Division’s Board of Trustees.

Potential candidates may submit their nomination forms until September 20, 2021. To learn more about candidate requirements, how to submit nomination forms, and voter information, please visit www.starcatholic.ab.ca/divison/election-information.

– Submitted by STAR Catholic