Caution needed in putting blame for slain Canadian soldiers

After the murders of two Canadian soldiers at the hands of two men affiliated with or at least in sympathy with the ISIS cause

Dear Editor,

After the murders of two Canadian soldiers at the hands of two men affiliated with or at least in sympathy with the ISIS cause, I have heard some disturbing comments at a coffee shop and on Facebook.

These comments have made blanket references to Muslims in general as connected to the violence in Syria and Iraq. These references seem as misplaced and as ludicrous as if I or anyone else would attribute the violence in hockey to all hockey players, perhaps even pinpointing to Wayne Gretzky as one of the greatest culprits.

Most Canadians would be appalled at that characterization of hockey and Wayne Gretzky to the point where most would call me out as totally ignorant of hockey in general and of Wayne Gretzky’s hockey career in particular.

The same ignorance is at play in the coffee shop and Facebook comments. To know hockey, its history, the composition of the league and the star players is to keep ongoing notice of the season’s progress, to listen to informed comment, perhaps to read newspapers and magazines. perhaps even to attend a hockey game once is a while.

Ignorance is not bliss. It is potentially deeply harmful and distorts the lives of our neighbours who live non-violent and dignified lives most of us aspire to as well.

George Jason