COLUMN: Ponoka Deacon speaks about belief in God

COLUMN: Ponoka Deacon speaks about belief in God

Deacon Rollie Comeau

St. Augustine Catholic Parish

It is becoming more difficult to hold onto our belief in God. The secular world has turned in on itself, forgetting its origins and even its creator. To speak publicly about God or eternal life can very quickly put you outside of most social circles and be labeled as a zealot or religious freak.

Despite this, there is a “remnant” of people who hold onto faith and a belief in God. Maybe it’s more than a remnant, but many people just don’t want to admit it. For those sitting on the fringes of belief, here are my reasons why I believe in God.

First of all my belief is grounded in creation. I can accept most of the theories of creation; after all, we are still trying in our limited human capacity to understand how we came to be. I have to acknowledge though that our world and in fact the entire universe could not have come into existence without the intelligent and masterful design of an all knowing God.

Secondly I believe in God because of the existence of my soul. I have within me a source of life- not limited to my human body, but connected to the divine which calls me to higher things. The soul is the source of love, of intelligence and of purpose. It calls me toward God because deep down I know that there is more to life than just living and dying.

I believe in God because of the Gospel. The eye witness accounts of the life of Jesus are as factual and historical as those of Alexander the Great or Julius Caesar whose exploits are also recorded by eye witnesses and passed on. The fact that the Son of God came to humanity, was crucified, died and rose from the dead is not a piece of fiction. He appeared to many witnesses after his resurrection and this significant event fulfills all that is said about him in scripture, completing as it were the history of salvation.

I believe in God because of the community of faith that stretches back to the beginning of time, to Moses and the chosen people, through to Jesus Christ and the present day. This community has nurtured my faith, has administered the sacraments and continues to teach and explain the great mysteries of God.

I believe in God because of the inherent goodness of humanity. Deep down we are called to holiness in our lives. When we do something that is wrong or outside of God’s plan for us we know it. Our call is to love and we wouldn’t have that call if God himself was not love. Remember we are created in his image and likeness and that likeness is love.

Finally I believe in God because if I didn’t what would life be? What purpose would this earthly existence hold for me? My life would be without hope. Belief in God provides meaning. Belief in God holds a promise of eternal life.