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Doing what mama does

Mother’s Day is approaching fast this year on May 14, and it’s such an important day to recognize the amazing moms in our lives.

Mother’s Day is approaching fast this year on May 14, and it’s such an important day to recognize the amazing moms in our lives.

My mom is all the way in Ontario and I miss her a lot. I call her every week to check in and see how she’s doing, but it’s definitely not the same as giving her a hug which I hope to do again sometime soon.

Being a mom now myself to two young boys, I often think back to memories I had with my mom.

I feel very lucky to have had a very present mom throughout my life. She’s hardworking and passionate in all that she does. Now retired by a beautiful beach with my dad, Mom still takes the time to enjoy all of her favourite pastimes like gardening, reading and keeping in contact with all of her family.

When my grandmother was in the hospital and then in an old age home, mom would always be there visiting with her and bringing her favourite magazine along for her to read on those slow days. Even though it was a long drive, that didn’t stop my mom. She was always there to help.

Mom is always so supportive in everything she does. If I ever wanted to do something but wasn’t sure, she’d always be there to encourage me and tell me to chase my dreams. I’m so grateful for that.

She’s an adventurer too and has always taken me by surprise. On our family cruise back in 2007, we were all on a boat in Mexico and were offered to swim with a bunch of stingrays. Many were too afraid to go in, but not Mom. To my amazement, she jumped right in and had the time of her life swimming with them. I wish I had a picture of that one!

Mom has always been a friend too. Whenever things were going on in my life, I could always count on her to be a listening ear and shoulder to cry on.

I also never really appreciated a garden too much in my youth, but I sure do now. It’s one of my greatest passions, and that’s definitely from my mom. Growing up and still to this day, her garden is one of the most beautiful and vibrant gardens I’ve ever seen. I hope to one day get good enough to garden like that.

Gardens aside, my mom is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and something she has taught me from day one is to lead with respect and always take the high road even if others decide to take the low. I respect this advice so much and have used it a lot throughout my life. There will be many people out there who try to tear you down or who are just plain mean, but that doesn’t mean you need to be. My mother always carried and continues to carry herself with such grace and has been an amazing example for me growing up.

On another note, Mom’s fashion sense was always the best. I used to throw on her fur coats and strut around in her heels when I was a little girl. I even have one of her beautiful dresses in my closet and a pair of her earrings that she gave to me years later on the day of my wedding, something I will cherish forever. She’s the classiest woman I know and I definitely find myself trying to replicate her style as I get older. It’s a funny thing growing up, as I remember hating going to The Hudson’s Bay for what felt like the longest time with her as she tried on various clothes. I now find myself at that same store with my two young boys, but that doesn’t last long, as they too grow impatient.

Every day Mom was the first face I saw picking me up from school. She changed her work schedule around to drop me off and pick me up and I’m so grateful for that. She’s been the rock in our family and I’m so blessed to have had so many memories that will last a lifetime.

So, Happy Mother’s Day mama and all of the other wonderful moms out there!