Editorial: The United States blaming Canada is like a bad movie

President Donald Trump’s comments are an insult to all Canadians

Blame Canada!

The situation of U.S. President Donald Trump’s actions and the rhetoric from his top advisors related to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the recent G7 summit, reminds one of the 1995 comedy Canadian Bacon.

Among the memorable quotes from the movie is this one: “Like maple syrup, Canada’s evil oozes over the United States,” by Edwin Simon, NBS News Anchor.

Yup, we’re bad people. Bad Canada, bad!

Trump’s comments may seem a little over the top, but it comes as no surprise considering the guy shows no desire to learn about diplomacy, consultation, or even finding a balance with other countries.

He does seem to love Russia though, although it’s not hard to understand why; the country helped him get elected. Maybe that’s the big issue with Mr. Trump. If you’re not with him, you’re against him.

Don’t like dairy tariffs? Threaten the country in trade talks, then tweet about it a whole bunch. I envision him sitting is his office at Mara-a-Lago, I mean the White House or Air Force One, manically typing away with his thumbs.

The actions of a man who says one thing and does another, then takes personal offence at the actions of an entire country cannot be trusted to have the best interests of his own country in mind. If Trump was any kind of sincere, he’d be working with his Canadian neighbours.

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But what he’s saying and doing is reverberating among the echo chambers of his ardent supporters. The “Make America Great Again” slogan is an idea that points to protectionism, something many of his advocates are looking for.

The U.S. president is acting based on those followers. To Trump’s supporters, these insults are most likely seen as being strong and supportive of America, and that means they are getting closer to the very goal to once again make it great.

For the rest of the world, it means countries are having to decide how to approach a negotiation with the United States. If you are against, and that may mean speaking up for your country as its leader, then the man with 52 million Twitter followers will take to his quick thumbs and find ways to justify his actions.

We’re not speaking of a sensible individual here. Trump is known to change tactics even after he’s agreed to a certain course of action. The real trouble is that the man may not really care, despite the all-caps tweets defending the hardworking PEOPLE of America!

The amount of money the man has made since becoming president from government uses of his properties is unnerving. In Ponoka, elected officials can’t even take one action without residents questioning it, however, in Trump’s case, it’s unprecedented how much conflict there is with what appears to be little oversight.

Trump has yet to divest from properties he owns. Reports indicate the president has spent quite a bit of time at his Mar-a-Lago property, in some cases to meet with the world’s leaders. Isn’t that why they have the White House?

And yet people say, “Give the man a chance.”

How many chances should we give this individial who appears to focus on making America great at the cost of everyone else, or further to that, making money at the same time regardless of the outcome?

At least he didn’t say that the beer in Canada sucks, them’s fightin’ words (watch Canadian Bacon, you’ll understand.)

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