February is the mushiest month of the year

Now that we have gotten over ‘Blue Monday’, most of the Christmas decorations have been taken down


Now that we have gotten over ‘Blue Monday’, most of the Christmas decorations have been taken down and the credit cards balanced, it is now the time to enjoy the short but ‘steamy’ month of February. Of course, we hope that we won’t slide into another deep freeze and that it may even stay quite balmy, slushy, and mushy until the early spring birds arrive.

After figuring and scribbling away on our income tax forms, the main event of February, as always is the torrid celebration of St. Valentine’s Day on Saturday, Feb. 14, which is great, because that is usually the perennial ‘date night’ for most married and involved couples from all generations. This delightful day, rain or shine, is when romance is supposed to reach a fever pitch, unique and sassy gifts are exchanged, and hopefully old Cupid’s arrow hits everyone hard, and stays in place for the rest of the year, and far beyond.

When you read this column, you will still have plenty of time to rush out and buy your honey that very special gift, which no matter how long it takes to pick out, what it costs or how big or small it might be, it always comes straight from the heart to that special person in your life. Hopefully, the romantic and thoughtful message and the moods of that sincere and personal exchange from one to another will hang around long after the chocolates have been consumed, the flowers have wilted, the trips have been taken, and all the cards and jewellery have been safely stored away in the hope chests to be shared together long into our future.

Remember when we shared lots of cute Valentine’s with everyone in grade school? Because at that age, we were quite innocent and loved and got along with everyone then.  But that buddy system would soon change in junior high school when the hormones started to kick in, many crushes and hearts were broken along the way, and then we started to get really serious when we became compulsive adults. Whatever the case, the toughest and truest test of love and companionship and parenthood is to keep the spark alive over the years by taking lots of precious time together, while always trying to remember that we must never be too busy, too tired or too old for lots of hugs, kisses, holding hands and sharing our affections with the precious family and friends that we have gathered together along the way. So let’s all shout it out loud for love, the only fire to which there is no insurance, and hopefully, although it quite often flickers, will never be snuffed out for all of us.

Just a little fun with this and that

● Adam and Eve were the first couple to celebrate Valentine’s Day. He wanted to have a party, but Eve claimed that she had nothing to wear.

● Even nature’s creatures get involved in the love triangle. Romance in a fish tank is called ‘guppy love’, while birds in love are referred to as ‘tweet hearts’.

● Technology today is becoming really tough on relationships, simply because we tend to give our phones and all those other electronic gadgets more time than we devote to our partners.  Let’s try to turn them off and put them down for a little more precious face to face and quality interaction time before they feel left out and decide to buzz off.

● As we look back, way back, we should realize that our all-time favourite valentine was our mother, because she was always so sweet and kind, even when she was mad at us. Please don’t forget a nice valentine for grammas and grandpas, because after all, they never ever forget birthdays and Christmas, and they ‘soften up’ the easiest when it comes to extra gifts and treat

● Always remember that love should always be grand … because a divorce is about a 100 grand.

Canadian headlines for 2050

● Canada Post raises the price of stamps to $28.00 and reduces mail delivery to Wednesdays only.

● The average weight of a Canadian male has dropped to 252 pounds.

● My Toronto Maple Leafs missed the playoffs for the 85th straight year.

● The Ozone created by electric cars is polluting our nation.

My Valentine’s Day wish to everyone:  I hope that you all fell in love or will eventually fall in love with someone who never lets you fall asleep thinking that you’re not wanted. Have a great week, all of you.