Get ready for another election run of huff and fluff and promises

Get ready for another election run of huff and fluff and promises

Here we go again. J.T. finally made the much anticipated announcement on September 11th for our next National Federal election, one that will hopefully send all Canadians scurrying to the polls on Monday, Oct. 21, 2019. It all promises to be a torrid campaign across the nation that will now give us just over a month to choose the Government that we would like to have leading us into a much brighter and more stable future. As we travel around our communities we have already noticed that those big and glitzy party placards are already competing with the garage sale signs, and there is no doubt that this Federal election showdown will be a hotly contested one from coast to coast, and could turn out to be some-what of a wild political East/West football match.

From now until we cast our very important ballots we will be blitzed with a 24-7 barrage on all available media outlets of political advertisements, debates and forums, as well as the usual lofty promises of countless projects and big bucks taking us into the future. Personally, as a nine-year member of the Ponoka town council many years ago, I used to really enjoy our Municipal elections, where the “vote for me” signs covered the town and county, and those “really lively and occasionally rowdy” candidates forums always bring out jam-packed crowds to ask lots of great how/why/what questions concerning what they planned for our great family communities over the next four years.

Just a few humble pre-election questions?

Now that I am a retired senior I will have lots of time to watch and read all the upcoming political debates and promises that will be roaring around our great nation for the next month or so and culminating on ‘decision day’ during our next Federal Election on Oct. 21. Just for fun I jotted down a few questions and observations that many of us may want to direct to the next slate of party candidates.

In looking up our present Federal Government budgetary deficit I found that we may soon be very close to $20 billion dollars in the red, while the party in power still continues to hand it out at an overwhelming pace as we head towards the election. If you check back in March of 2016 that budget was at one billion dollars, at which time the newly elected party in power promised to balance the books during their next term?

Our present Federal Government does not seem to want to get along with China, who is one of the world’s richest nations and a leader in annual exports/imports to and from many other countries?

For so many reasons and set-backs our Federal Government has been unable to figure out how to build that much maligned pipeline between Alberta to the B.C. coast, which will run right beside the existing line that has been pumping our precious crude and refined oil since 1953 without incident. Once it is completed it will increase the daily flow from 300,000 to 800,000 barrels a day, which will significantly increase our Nation’s resource revenue by being able to ship it to other worldly nations with the proceeds going to each and every Canadian to share and reap the ongoing benefits in the future.

We as taxpayers and citizens of Canada have been blessed for countless decades with the long-standing and traditional right every four years to elect our government representatives and leaders at both the provincial and federal level. I am sure that all of us will agree that when they accept and resume their vital office these men and women should always be given the complete right of Freedom of Speech to talk openly and honestly to the public on all issues and decisions of the government without being completely muzzled by the self-appointed “committee at the top,” which has occurred far too much over the past few years?

Whatever the case, whether here in Alberta or across the provinces all Canadian citizens should make every effort to meet with the political candidates and ask what-ever questions they wish. The answers and written material that they receive can then be taken back to their homes, work, coffee shop, and wherever, so they can be shared with everyone else before the final votes are cast. We must never forget that it is our right and our choice of electing our leaders and government representatives at both the provincial and federal level, and then to hold them responsible for their actions.

Now let’s have a little fun

Best answers from Grades 5 and 6 Science test. What is your spinal column? It is a long bunch of bones where our head sits on top and we sit on the bottom. Joan of Arc was a famous lady for what reason? She was Noah’s wife and she cooked for everyone on the arc.

I had a few too many drinks last night but when I walked across the floor I won the dance contest.

My grandchildren used to think that I was all-powerful and wise, but now they just think I’m old, wrinkled, cuddly, and cute. I really don’t know why they claim that as seniors we are enjoying our Golden Years. Most of my parts got rusty years ago.

Enjoy the great aroma of the harvest, the brisk nights that will hopefully freeze all the rest of those pesky bugs, and then have a good week, all of you.