Hammertime: The hustle and bustle with today’s technology

Hammertime: The hustle and bustle with today’s technology

Looking at how we used to function without fancy cellphones and tablets and other technology

Mike Rainone – Hammertime

Last week on the brisk and snowy morning of Nov. 16th I had the great opportunity of witnessing one of nature’s amazing wonders, as hundreds of noisy geese had formed their magnificent V formations and were heading south to much warmer playgrounds.

Yes my friends, this is our most accurate sign that old man winter has indeed arrived, and hopefully we are all prepared for at least six months of chills and thrills in our white Alberta wonderland?

As we all hustle and bustle around in preparation for Christmas it will most definitely become extremely busy for the next month or so, where everyone will no doubt be getting in touch with each other to share their holiday plans and the communication lines will be wide open on all fronts and in 24-7 mode. Even as a crusty old senior I do have to admit that the ongoing spectacular invasion of the Internet, Facebook, Skype, streaming, texting, Twitter and tweeting, as well as all sorts of fancy cell-phones and laptops have made it a whole lot easier to stay in touch and even go face to face, with family and new and old friends, as well as keeping up with the hottest news, information, and survival tips. Like so many of you out there I am now really convinced that one can find and do just about anything over the Internet, including the weather, a date, pay bills, shop, lose weight and exercise in the comfort of your living room, as well as becoming an instant ‘Mr. Fix-it’ or maybe even to get an answer to those really dumb questions that we wouldn’t dare to ask someone face to face. Whatever the case my wife and I have progressed to having three phones in the house, a laptop, and one cell phone for emergencies only in our car, but I am going to share some fun this week about the amazing changes, advances, and a few pit-falls of this ‘cell-phone era.’

• I was so busy today that I was only able to check my phone 300 times. I sure hope I didn’t miss something.

• It can be really hard trying to keep up with the marketing of these multi-rich communication companies. I see that they brought out another fast and fancy new cell phone last week that costs $1,100. My question is ‘what was wrong with, and what do I do with the old one?’

• Remember when the phone rang many years ago in our homes and we picked it up without knowing who was on the other end? I guess it is amazing that we are still alive, and I do have some old friends who really miss those now ancient ‘party lines’, where everyone could listen or join in on the conversation. It is also really hard to believe that we once had a phone in our home that was actually attached to the wall with a really long cord that stretched all over the house; we could call long-distance after 7 p.m. to save money, and you could call someone 57 times and hang up and they never knew who it was?

• I guess that I’ll call it a smart phone the day that I yell, ‘Where’s my phone?’ and it tells me that it’s down here in the couch cushions, and then reminds me to change its little batteries.

• People are really excited these days about all their new cell-phones, iPads, and other new flashy toys, but many have still not got caught up with the awesome technology of using the turn singles when they drive or the safest practise of keeping their eyes on the road instead of looking down at their gadgets.

• Real signs of the times: Waiter in a restaurant, ‘Is everything okay, you haven’t photographed your food yet?’; or, heard during a groupie gathering, ‘Does anyone have plans to go somewhere this weekend and stare at their cell-phones?’

The great Christmas cookie party

The congenial ladies at the Fort Ostell Museum have gone on a baking spree just in time for their annual traditional Christmas Tea and Bake Sale on Thursday, Nov. 22, from 2 to 4 p.m. at the museum. Everyone is invited to have tea and treats for $3 as well as to purchase a big box of mixed festive cookie treasures for just $7.

Suds will be a Christmas season family treat

I see where Ponoka Klaglahachie Fine Arts Society, Ponoka Professional Pharmacy, and Birchland Dental Clinic are proudly featuring the Rocking 1960s Musical Soap Opera Suds for their Christmas season theatrical presentation and dinner option from Nov. 24th to Dec. 9 at the Ponoka United Church. Tickets and information are available at the church office or phone 403-783-4081 or at kfatheatre.com.

It is really hard to believe that one day we were 23 and staying up until 3 a.m., eating pizza, and dancing like no one was watching. But far too soon we are 45 (or more), eating kale, going to bed at 8 p.m., and we can’t dance so good because we pulled a muscle putting on our socks.

What the heck, just let loose a little at your own speed, and have a great week, all of you.