Harper betrays Alberta

Dear Editor:

The Harper years have shattered the image of the Canada I used to know.

I needn’t list the appalling number of destructive blows this strange, vindictive man has dealt our country.

Harper has made a mockery of our Parliament, a trash heap of our Senate, severely damaged our social, environmental and economic fabric, our foreign policy, our self-respect, our world-renowned courtesy toward and regard for each other, and our reputation abroad.

Harper has shown many times he is willing to fly in the face of fact, science, logic and even, sometimes, of widespread condemnation and ridicule , to show a narrow band of right-wing, single-issue voters that he is their guy.

Now he has done it again.

In betraying Edmonton’s bid for the World Expo 2017, the Conservatives (who initially urged Edmonton to bid on the event to help the nation celebrate its 150th birthday,) abruptly, and without any discussion or warning, killed the bid without any good reason. In effect, Harper was laying odds that he could win more support for his decision elsewhere in Canada than he would lose in Alberta. This kind of cynicism is not only chilling, it makes it utterly incomprehensible that anyone could vote for him and yet they do.

Quo vadis Canada? And who is standing on guard for thee?

Stella Ann Owens