Help 2014 Agricultural Fair survive

Once again the Home Hobby and Horticultural Show will be coming to our town.

Dear Editor,

Once again the Home Hobby and Horticultural Show will be coming to our town. There will be lots of entertainment, many varieties of flowers and vegetables, adult and children’s sections, grains and legumes, landscaping and vegetable gardens, a seniors division, sewing section, a special needs area and a baking section, too.

The latter needs to be checked out as there are special prizes to be won. The art division shows great talent to be recognized. Everybody that loves crafts will see others’ talents, so enthusiasts should enter some of theirs and see how they do. If one were so fortunate to have a quilt, wall hanging or rug made in the last while and not entered before, one should take it under arm and see how it does.

The judges’ comments are always helpful and rewarding.

The junior section always brings the children, they just love the items made by others (and even themselves if entered)

With our long cold winter we just experienced, some may have knit or crocheted an item or two to tuck in and enter. A children’s area will be set up where they can maybe participate or just watch how it is or was done in years past.

I feel compelled at this time of year to write a comment or two about this fantastic fair that is both fun and exciting.

I have been a competitor and a member for some time and look forward to the displays, judges’ comments and the competition it can provide.

Fairs are meant to bring the community together. How many do you know of that are no longer in existence?

Be sure to pick up a book stashed around our town and come to the fair armed with many projects you have or as a spectator.

So how ’bout it people? Get a book and help the 2014 Agricultural Fair survive another year

Bettty McMillan