I guess I passed my 72,000 mile check-up

Hammertime discusses the benefits of a medical checkup.

In those days of our lives when we are young and busy, we likely felt that we were indestructible, and even though we did suffer through those miserable childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, chicken pox and all the rest, our beloved mothers always got us through it with some horrible tasting medicines, lots of grandmother’s old fashioned soup and a whole lot of love and pampering. As we got older, we toughened up even more, brushing off the aches and pains and cuts and bruises because we didn’t want to miss anything, and it had to be something really serious to get us to the doctor’s office, the ER, or even into the hospital to get our tonsils out or to patch up a broken arm.

When we got married and tried to settle down, all of us, men and women, were usually too busy with work and family and social life to pay enough attention to our health and welfare. Our wives or mates likely insisted that we should quit moaning and complaining and go and make an appointment at the Medical Centre, but then again we will now likely admit that it was ‘a man thing’, or was it just plain stubbornness and pride. Of course, like so many others, yours truly fell into that wild and carefree category for quite a few years, but then again as I got older and grayer and I began to sag and suffer just a little bit more, especially after overdoing it, I managed to get up enough courage and some common sense to go and get a complete medical check-up from top to bottom each and every year.

Maybe before I was scared or just too lazy to set aside those vitally important few hours to check in with my doctor, but after having a health scare a couple of years ago, I vowed that I owed it to myself and my family to take care of myself, and I sincerely hope that each and every one of you feel exactly the same about that very important and special person that is YOU. It only takes a small part  of your day to sit down with your doctor to answer a few personal questions, and then follow up with the usual blood tests and what other simple procedures are required, which involve very little pain and a whole lot of gain and vital information going into the future.  Nowadays, the results usually come back the same day, and early detection of any symptoms or health problems will hopefully lead to immediate attention, treatment, a cure and the saving and revitalization of many a life for young and old.

Along the way each and every one of us has likely picked up just a few bad habits or cravings or behavior when it comes to our diets and our day-to-day lifestyles? Most of us are always quite passionate when it comes to worrying about and taking care of everyone else, which is wonderful, but it is never too late to take a little time each day to become our own best friend by striving to eat sensibly, to get enough sleep and exercise, and to ‘be happy’ and share a little fun and relax time with others. Here in Alberta, Canada, we are blessed with thousands of medical professionals and facilities which are prepared on a 24-7 basis to give us all the vital treatment, care, and attention that we need. Please become aware of the warning signs of illness and don’t hesitate to reach out whenever there is a medical need or emergency for you and yours,  and for round-the-clock information just pick up the phone and call Alberta Health Link toll free at 1-866-408-5465.

Now let’s have some fun.

*Scientists have discovered that seniors have no reason to be concerned because we often think we are losing our memory. Studies show that over the years we have accumulated so much information in our brain that it sometimes requires a little more time for us to come up with all the answers.

*When I got my bill for the operation I found out why surgeons wear masks in the operating room.

*The new lady at the clinic is a very kind and understanding doctor. If you can’t afford the operation she touches up the x-rays.

*Surgeons are often asked to cut meat at a dinner party. One brash young host did all the carving himself in front of a gallery of interested doctors, suggesting to them that he would make a pretty good surgeon. The wise veteran physician quietly replied…. ‘Anyone can take them apart Harry, now let’s see you put them back together again.’

*Bill: The fines just tripled the other day and my wife got a speeding ticket. Ray: That’s nothing; my wife is so bad that the cops give her a season ticket.

As well as enjoying spring, watch for all the election signs and red-hot campaign hype and promises, then go ahead and have a great week, all of you.


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