If you need a mental break…

If you need a mental break…

The world has had a lot of energy circulating through it lately. It takes a toll on one’s mental health.

During all of this it is important to remind yourself that it is okay to not feel okay. These are unprecedented times. We are going through a worldwide pandemic and a revolution.

We are still separated from family and friends while fighting centuries worth of oppression and pushing for justice.

The world is volatile right now. Our normal is completely thrown.

It is okay If you are not excelling at a diet or regular workouts right now. It is okay if you have not taken time in quarantine to master a new skill. It is okay if you have not completed your daily to-do list, or even your weekly one.

Something that I have found helps me with all of this is letting myself enjoy at least 30 minutes of escape.

Personally, I watch a show on Netflix or read a book. Is it productive? Not in the slightest, but that is okay. Because right now it is okay to need a little bit of escape, something to calm our minds and give us a little bit of happiness in all this uncertainty.

One of my favourite shows I watch to take a mental break is Queer Eye. Five gay men go into the homes of nominated individuals and combine the best of all the makeover shows into one.

They makeover the individual’s home, wardrobe, hair, food habits, and lifestyle. Every time I watch an episode I smile, because they bring so much happiness to these individuals’ lives. They become more confident in all aspects of their life. It may not be ground breaking or incredibly cinematic, but it makes your heart feel light, and for that brief amount of time your mind isn’t heavy with thoughts of our current situation.

It is a must watch if you are looking to take a mental break.

P.S. they give really good advise that you can take into your own life, like the ‘French tuck’ (you’ll understand when you watch)…


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