In response to Black Lives Matter editorial

Reader challenges last week's editorial regarding Black Lives Matter.

Dear Editor,

I have spent the past 58 years as a black person but I do not support Black Lives Matter (BLM). I believe that it is wrong for the media to act like these movements represent black people as a whole.

The fact is that BLM only rises up when a black person has been killed if that black person was shot by a white or black police officer. The BLM movement is strangely silent when we have shootings that solely involve blacks. If black lives really did matter then BLM would be up in arms when a black person is shot by another black person. Strangely enough though not only are the BLM movement leaders eerily quiet about black on black crime but the black community is quiet when it comes to coming forth with information. On 08/16/2013 a 12year-old-girl was shot and killed in her own home, which was located in Miami Gardens, while getting her hair done. On 02/18/2013 two black teenagers, one of whom was an 18-year-old-mother, were shot and killed on the same day that (President Barack) Obama came to Chicago to deliver a speech against gun violence. Most recently in Chicago there were 16 shootings committed in just one ward, over the Labor Day weekend by black people against black people; five of those shooting victims died. Strangely enough there was no protest by BLM members. When you aren’t safe in your own home, community, school you can’t blame anyone else.

As for (Colin) Kaepernick I believe that his so-called protest and exercise of free speech was a farce. First off Kaepernick is the product of a relationship between his black father and his white mother. It was Kaepernick’s black father who abandoned his white mother and this resulted in her putting him up for adoption. Kaepernick’s abandonment by his father was his first incident of victimization. The quickest route for a black male to crime is being fatherless as it leads a young black woman to bearing children alone. The first victimizers of black children and black communities are black parents where over 70 per cent of the children are born out of wedlock. This is how the cycle of black poverty begins. It isn’t because of whites or slavery. At least Kaepernick’s white mother didn’t have an abortion and gave him a chance at having a good life by giving him up for adoption to the white Kaepernick family.

In the end Kaepernick’s protest really isn’t informed by anything of substance. How can a man possibly protest half of his own genetic makeup? How do you in good conscience protest against white culture when it is white people who saved you from the ravages of black culture that your black father set you up for when he left? How does one protest as being oppressive the very government that issues the currency you are paid with? How do you protest white culture when whites are amongst your fan base that pays your sky high salary.

Kaepernick so-called protest is a sad attempt at trying to prove to himself that he is black. This in itself is a form of racism, because he is saying that his actions, values, culture is dictated by the color of his skin and not his personal choice. And now we have come back to the beginning of my letter where I stated that at its core BLM is racist.


Julian Ross Hudson


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