Issue of consent

Reader takes issue with university sex-party club crawl controversy in Ottawa.

Dear Editor,

Last week the student body of the Department of Science at the University of Ottawa, sponsored a sex-party pub crawl. The President of the University issues a statement 72 hours later condemning the incident, but no action to be taken about it. One lone girl is taking selfie media heat across Canada.

Persons involved in the event claim with much self-righteousness that, “all activities at this event were totally consensual”.

These are part of post-secondary education groups seeking government paid tuition for all their students etc.

From my point of view, the University of Ottawa has one basic solution: Dissolution of its cesspools of permissiveness.

Not one tax dollar for publicity seeking, sexually consenting persons in any public funded facility scientific, educational, medical, penitential, physiological, religious or justice centers.

Universities tend to view their schools as change agents, research oriented, and avant garde in molding their students for national benefit.

If public consenting sex is to be one of our new national norms for educational or entertainment establishments, then tax sex, not families or low income workers. Because the government at present taxes: booze, Coca Cola, cigarettes, sugars, marijuana and gas. So, it can tax or fine public consensual sex. So, go for it. Create new pathetic industries.

The steps for the University to follow are the same for any other non-essential business:

1) Go out of business

2) Get off the taxation gravy train

3) No government funding for tuition

We have just been through the painful residential school scandal where non-consensual sex was one factor. Now we are “gagging” over the groupie consensual sex delights that will twist our educated people. How subversive is that?

Why would we keep the likes of the University of Ottawa open for one more student session?

Close it. Pull your youngsters out of these places.

Like Jordie says, “this is merely an observation.”

Stella Friedel