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Just An Observation: The forecast is blustery with some mist plus a volley or two

Life is beginning to feel like a racetrack

This week will be just like the weather recently — scatterbrained — so expect a few flurries, some frost, bouts of rain and maybe a hint of sunshine.

Well right out of the starting gate, and I’m likely not the only one, but wouldn’t it be nice to NOT hear the constant barrage of election rhetoric being spewed out by politicians and regurgitated ad nauseum on television and radio. Okay, might as well toss in the daily print media too.

As someone who normally watches the local news broadcasts and checks in on some talk radio shows quite often, I’ve gotten so sick of all the back-and-forth nonsense that I either mute it or turn the channel now when any segment comes up about the election.

Back in the day, journalists covered issues and talked to people for reaction.

Yet, over the past couple of decades, the coverage has deteriorated to the point where no one can comprehend what is actually going on. Well, other than he said, she she said, they lied, no you lied, they’re bad, he’s bad, they all apologize.

There’s more truth being parlayed in “professional” wrestling events these days than in election campaigns.

In other words, wake me up when its all over, so I can take the plugs out of my ears and I can turn the TV back on again.

First turn

So, in exiting the front straightaway, I have noticed in recent weeks another trend and it isn’t one that is limited to small towns where people feel they have a right to do it because its been done that way, so why change.

I’m talking about the horrible state of drivers knowing how to park properly.

Yeah, you’ve likely seen sites on social media that show big city pictures of those notorious for ignoring the lines in parking lots, taking up two spaces because they feel like or those that simply just can’t do it.

Unfortunately, rural Alberta isn’t immune to these flagrant parking pilferers.

I’ve witnessed what you’d call a smart car essentially take up two spots, a truck hauling a trailer commandeer five spots just to save themselves walking an extra 50 feet from the “truck lot,” a motorcycle parked on a sidewalk and vehicles parked going the wrong way.

I’ve even seen someone who managed to fit their SUV into a stall meant for a compact car, only to see them crawl out of the window to get out.

It’s hard to comprehend how common sense has gone out the window when parking — especially angle parking or in a lot — is rather simply to accomplish. And don’t get me started on those with new “parking assist” vehicles.

Back stretch

One has to feel for farmers in areas not located in the central region of Alberta.

Of course the hammering those from the Olds area right through to the U.S. border took recently is one thing. However, a recent trek that took me north and east showed farmers aren’t any better off.

It was field after field after field that I drove past that still had a crop standing. There were others that had been partially cut and others that were either swathed or straight cut to a certain extent.

The rains that fell in the last several months, at one point from June to August rain took up 55 days, has left a lot of farmers with crops that might not even fetch feed-quality prices.

Hopefully, all of those that still have crops in the fields can get them harvested soon and at least break even.

Turn for home

It’s always been, for me at least, an end of the year tradition for as long as I can remember to enjoy lots of laughs by catching the great comedy and parody of the Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Alas, 2019 will be the last time this will happen as Canada’a broadcaster has decided to put it under after killing the hilarious weekly hour show 11 years ago.

CBC talking heads are blaming poor ratings (sorry, but TV across the board gets poor ratings these days) and more competition for content as well as the fact the network already supports three sketch comedies (only one of which I’ve even heard of) for giving the special the axe.

Growing up, I remember watching my weekly fix of “Air Farce” with Dave Broadfoot cast as RCMP Corporal Renfrew and MP representing Kicking Horse Pass.

Then there was Don Ferguson expertly playing Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Jean Chretien, Stephen Harper and Jack Layton, but my favourite was one of his latest — Colonel Stacy with the Chicken Cannon.

Meanwhile, Luba Goy with her many characters including Queen Elizabeth, Martha Stewart, Wendy Mesley (a fav of mine) and Margaret Atwood was excellent, as was the now late Roger Abbott and John Morgan.

Abbott was beloved for his Bush impressions, but my personal favourite were Brian Williams, Peter Mansbridge, Craig Oliver and Don Newwwwwman (just how he said it).

As for Morgan, he will always be “Hi! I’m Mike from Canmore.”

Some of the newer additions in the last several years were good, but it just wasn’t totally the same and we all knew it would come to the end. However, at least we will get to see one last show.

Finish line

And well, to toss in that little bit of sunshine that I promised, with the way the weather will be for the rest of the week at least when you work inside all day you won’t be complaining that you’re missing out on being outside. Stay warm people.

But that is…just an observation.