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Just An Observation: There are still distractions out there

You won’t lose you marbles over this one, but you may gain some

When real life events hit the stage, sports are put onto the back-burner.

However, usually the games go on and life has a sense of normalcy.

That meant going home, clicking on a game — this time of year the NHL playoffs would be close and MLB would be starting their season — then sitting back, relaxing and watching their favourite team or maybe just any game available.

As well, there would be some junior hockey going on and the spring season for minor sports like baseball, softball and football would be underway.

Yet, this is an unprecedented experience for nearly the entire population with all sports being forced to shutdown. Not since the last world war has there been a similar level of interruption of games at all levels.

Worse yet, and unlike in the war days, there are no other events taking place, gatherings are essentially prohibited and people are home-bound.

That has led to sports enthusiasts trying to figure out how to get through to the end of this self-isolation.

For some, replays of old-time and somewhat newer games from the likes of the hockey, baseball, football and curling on the various sports channels are providing some comfort while others have pretty much gone cold turkey and refuse to watch any sports on television

However, there are others that have taken to accept the new waves of entertainment that have entered the scene.

The first is the evolution of E-sports such as NASCAR drivers competing in races plus NBA and NFL players taking it to other players on video gaming platforms. This is on top of the already competitive network of live action video games that have been drawing viewers for many years.

Secondly, many have been enthralled by some out-of-the-box online sports that are gaining speed.

One of those is the somewhat odd sport of marble racing.

From Facebook to YouTube to Reddit, the sport is attracting huge numbers of viewers that are watching to see if a comet can overcome the bulls-eye in the final stretch, but also to check out the intricate course layouts, the interesting commentary and the unique settings — even stadiums — the organizers have constructed.

There are even leagues, special races and an Olympic-style event.

So, if you have ever dabbled in marbles growing up, maybe take a shot at watching some races and maybe it will be just a good distraction.

But that is…just an observation.