Letter: A good citizen

Dear editor,

Where there’s Will, there’s a way … and a much cleaner way it will be! If you’ve ever been out on a walk, or for a drive in our lovely community, you may have seen a man stooping down to scoop garbage into a bag. Will Dillen, a longtime citizen of Ponoka, has made it his mission to make the town a cleaner place. He enjoys walking for exercise and fresh air, but, as he wanders along, he also picks up any garbage he spots on the town’s boulevards, curbs, parks and other common areas.

Will is committed to this endeavour and we, the citizens of Ponoka, should be extremely grateful for the time he donates in picking up discarded things … things that may have been blown there by the wind, or purposely dropped by someone who has little regard for cleanliness.

On speaking with Will, he says he’s found some very interesting things over the years he’s been doing this ‘good citizen deed.’

Some of them are: coins, paper money and even bank cards (which he has turned into the police). Since the pandemic began, the most frustrating items he finds are discarded masks. He gets quite disgusted with these and would like to impress on people how unsanitary it is to throw these very dirty items along our streets, sidewalks and boulevards.

We salute you, Will Dillen, and thank you for your efforts. (Submitted with permission).

Jan and Greg Edwards,