LETTER: A poem to quiet the political noise

A Ponoka News reader sent in this poem to help quiet the political noise.

Gentle and Quiet is Strong and Loud

We are into an age of loud politicians who try to sway the public with aggressive stammering and hammering.

For me, I like to flip the page and see what is gentle and quiet. I find

all sorts of things when I look around and beyond myself.

Some of them are:

1 A gentle breathing of a baby on its mother’s neck

2 A soft gentle sunset closing a good day

3 An old man shuffling down a sidewalk

4 A woman’s sigh after hearing from her grown children

5 A butterfly grasping a leaf

6 Birds flying away up in the sky

7 A hymn sung out of an open church door

8 A story book opened at bedtime

9 An oven door being opened to put lunch in it

10 A soft consoling spot under a shade tree on a hot day.

The power of quiet tender ways have more lasting effects on us than we know and sometimes we forget to cherish them.

Edith Kane