Letter: Alberta too small to survive Kenney’s plan

Letter: Alberta too small to survive Kenney’s plan

Dear editor,

I hope and pray that our elected Premier Jason Kenny re-evaluates his ideas and statement regarding the actions he announced over the Remembrance Day weekend to take against Ottawa regarding the Province of Alberta.

That there is a disconnect between Ottawa and the western provinces and that Alberta suffers at the moment because of miscommunication and a delayed approval process is not in question, but Alberta belongs to Canada and we should stand together in unity no matter what. What is definitely needed, is a strong diplomatic debate and negotiations between Ottawa and Alberta to solve those issues. But I strongly believe Alberta is economically too small, based on our annual GDP, and with only 4.3 million citizens, to survive Jason Kenny’s plan, which by the way he never disclosed to us Albertans during the election process either.

Edwin Geuder