LETTER: Blessed to enjoy small town life

LETTER: Blessed to enjoy small town life

Dear editor:

I want to thank the town and the worker(s) who clear the walking path along the Battle River despite the snow conditions that we have had over the last little while. On a sunlit morning it is still a deep pleasure to walk that path. That must surely be one of great benefits and pleasures of living in a small town where access to the natural world is often a mere few blocks from where you live.

Unfortunately and increasingly small town life is becoming an exception in most of the world where large mega cities predominant and where the familiarity with neighbours over years becomes increasingly rare.

For anybody who grew up in a large city that literally stretches 20 or 30 kilometres in any direction, adjustment to small town life can take awhile. The convenience of doing banking, shopping,attending to a medical appointment and browsing for Christmas gifts in literally not much more than an hour is a rare phenomenon. Even having access to elected officials, knowing town public resources like a library, swimming pool and skating rink literally within 5 to 10 minutes from any town residence is a gift in itself.

We are blessed in many ways sometimes without knowing it.

George Jason