LETTER: God’s existence all around

LETTER: God’s existence all around

Ponoka News reader responds to questions related to God’s existence

Dear Editor,

In response to Scott Lewis’ Dec. 5 letter to the editor related to the existence of God:

I’m not sure where Scott Lewis gets his facts from but his statement, “…continuing to grow and learn while seeking truth” makes me think he’s not interested in seeking truth, only in justifying his opinion.

The mind won’t believe what the heart has rejected is what I see. The human mind, soul, and body is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” It takes far more faith of believe in evolution than in a designer. The intricate fashioning of a cell could never just happen.

DNA is in every cell of your body (about 37.2 trillion in the average person). I don’t have enough faith to believe that happened by chance. The idea of evolution wants you to believe that time plus nothing equals everything.

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Sir Fred Hoyle, a noted astrophysicist and mathematician compared the likelihood of even the simplest cell forming by natural processes to the probability of a tornado sweeping through a junk yard and assembling a Boeing 747. That would never happen.

There is so much evidence for a designer one would have to stick their head in the sand to miss it.

All that we observe, where did the air come from? A perfect mix of oxygen and carbon dioxide to support life; our planet is the perfect distance from the sun; it spins at the perfect speed. Just coincidence?

The second thing you announced as fact is that there is no extra-biblical evidence for Jesus found in the Bible. Totally untrue. Every archeological dig in the Middle East confirms more people and places spoken of in the Bible. The existence of Jesus is a fact supported by even our calendar designations of B.C. and A.D.

You do have faith Scott. People don’t reject God because there isn’t enough evidence for His existence.

They deny Him because to acknowledge Him means they would need to follow Him and the majority of people just want to be god of their own lives. “Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing they do not understand…For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears and they have closed their eyes.” (Matthew 13:12-15)

Lois Sachs