LETTER: Men have it bad contrary to the editor’s opinion

Ponoka News reader challenges the editor’s last opinion related to the #MeToo movement & women’s rights

LETTER: Men have it bad contrary to the editor’s opinion

Dear Editor,

Contrary to what the editor stated in the Ponoka News last week, men do have it bad and if Justice Brett Kavanaugh had lost his nomination vote, things would be worse.

The editor in his article has proven that the leftist press is the enemy of the people and is no longer a friend of western Democracy by throwing his support behind the logical fallacies of guilt by association, and that it is the obligation of the defendant to prove their innocence.

What was at stake during the Kavanaugh nomination hearings was something that is much more important than the #MeToo movement or women’s rights. What was at stake was the very underpinnings of American and Canadian jurisprudence which is that of “innocent until proven guilty”. Blasey. Ford and the leftist Democrats and press wanted to do an end-run around due process by placing the burden upon the accused to prove that he didn’t do what was alleged. They wanted to place complete trust in Ford’s error-littered narrative, foggy memory of 36 years and her gender. “We believe survivors” became the rallying cry. But why do we believe survivors and not those who say they aren’t guilty? How can we know that a survivor is a survivor when there isn’t any corroborating evidence? Is it right to put a man in jail or deny him a job based upon human memory which itself is proven to be faulty?

Our memories aren’t like video recordings and don’t forget that we know that even a video recording can lie based upon where it is placed, when it started recording, if it was tampered with etc. There is no perfect memory.

The editor brings up the fact that 36 years ago a man could legally rape his wife. Now although this is true the thing is that it has absolutely no relevance on the Kavanaugh case. Kavanaugh, under the principle of innocent until proven guilty has to be proven of committing this crime. All four of Ford’s witnesses say that they do not recall the incident she alleges. It is highly doubtful that all four witnesses would make the same statement.

Women are not under-represented in our government. There is no rule in Democracy that each gender, orientation, ethnic group etc. must be presented in government according to its percentage composition of population. The idea that only women can represent women or minorities must be represented by minorities is undemocratic because it assumes that people behave according to their specific group. It also undermines the principle that the people choose their representatives and forces them instead to vote according to their stereotypes.

The editor closes his article with a statement of outright bias by declaring that “we must become allies”. Where is the objectivity of the press? If the press is now an ally then how can the press be trusted to tell the truth about its ally? It seems that the press is part of the resistance.

Julian Hudson

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