LETTER: Policies make the party

Ponoka News reader speaks to the Wildrose and PC parties looking to join forces.

Dear Editor,

Within two years the mandate of the NDP government will end and there will be a provincial election. Jason Kenney was elected the new leader the Conservatives recently and within days met with Wildrose leader Brian Jean for talks to unite their respective parties. It is still early days to know what the priorities of a united right might look like.

The machinery of any party is far deeper than the eye can see. Its motivations, strategies and the range of its political advisors are not always on public display. It is in its ideas though and its vision for the province, the nitty-gritty of particular priorities and policies, that it should be judged if it becomes the government.

There will be lot of information on the Internet, on radio, in newspapers and between neighbors about what the respective political parties represent. There might also be much opinion, conjecture and suggestion about what political parties will do when they come to govern, but it is in their particular policy pronouncements, the inclusiveness of their legislation and the commitment to these policies that will suggest their respect for voters.

As we have seen in other jurisdictions the attack dog politician is a voracious beast. Under those circumstances there is little or no time for questions or for sober discussion. Trying to be heard above the dogmatism and powerful political sell is difficult if not impossible. How to engage in a civil fashion might be task No 1.

George Jason