Letter: Ponoka is a super place to live

Letter: Ponoka is a super place to live

Ponoka senior grateful for care received

Dear editor,

Over the last two months I have had frequent phone interviews from various medical personnel for a surgery I had in Edmonton. I am writing to express my gratitude to all the staff encountered in so many different ways, in Edmonton, as well as at home in Ponoka. After returning to my home I had regular phone calls from my surgeon, home care nurses and aides and other people who prepared and delivered my Meals on Wheels, came to bathe me and clean my home occasionally. I also had occasion to talk to Ponoka medical personnel at the medical clinic, EMT’s, emergency room staff and physicians. A special thanks to Dr. Greyling who phoned me to make sure all was going well after my visit to the ER. Each person was very patient and helpful in all my circumstances and I cannot thank all of you enough for my great care under very difficult circumstances due to Covid-19. Thanks to all who have me on their prayer list, those who brought groceries and treats to my balcony at Legacy Place and gave me rides to various places. Ponoka is a super place to live. God bless you all.

Maxine Jonson,


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