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Letter: Ponoka senior wonders about the wisdom of withdrawing from CPP

‘Alberta, how could you?’

Alberta, how could you?

In addition to confusion and fear, I wonder: How can I, an over-80-ear-old female, continue to finance living independently?

You will allow a vote on the Canadian Pension Plan, but not abide with the result. Radio reports you would withdraw from CPP before you make any attempt at continuous monthly money for each of us dependent on regularly receiving CPP.

What would we do while you muddle through red tape, re-establishing dependable income, creating a gap … between now and your whatever? Would we receive the amount of money we now receive from CPP?

Can you assure us that we can continue to live comfortably in our own home as expenses increase and you ensure a decrease in our income?

I wonder!

A.J. Zelasek