Letter: Psychiatric nursing taught in Ponoka

Ponoka News reader recognizes post-secondary course taught in Ponoka.



Dear Editor,

I agree whole heartedly that the proposed CAC (Campus Alberta Central) learning centre is an exciting development for Ponoka and area.

This new development will give local students the opportunity to further their education without having to move to the big city, incurring the extra costs that go along with big city living. Hopefully individuals that wouldn’t otherwise be able to continue their education will seize this opportunity.

However, we have had post-secondary education within our boundaries for many years. The Psychiatric Nursing program offered at the Centennial Centre for Mental Health and Brain Injury in conjunction with Grant MacEwan University is an exceptional program, recognized throughout the mental health world as one of the best available.

Students come from a long distance away to avail themselves of the opportunities this program offers. It seems inconceivable that our editor would not have knowledge of the importance of this program both to the participants as well as to our community as a whole.

My hat is off to Grant MacEwan University for their continuation of this long-standing program, to the faculty that provide this educational opportunity right here in Ponoka, and to the future registered psychiatric nurses that partake in this program.


Sherry Gummow