Letter: Reader appreciates diversity of Ponoka News coverage

Dear editor,

I am aware that the focus for the Ponoka News, over the last year and more has, shifted to prioritize almost exclusively local news, events and commentary. A significant inclusion in its coverage is the regular presence of information about Maskwacis whose total population, interestingly, is almost similar to that of the Town of Ponoka.

That additional and regular focus is a helpful development, not only broadening the readership but recognizing the intercultural and historical connection that has existed for more than a century.

Established large city or provincial newspapers clearly service a different readership and typically do not explore, except on rare occasions, meaningful and relevant events that are important to smaller communities.

Though interests of individual readers of the Ponoka News are likely quite varied, there are relevant, common experiences that resonant with many in Ponoka and its surroundings.

George Jason,