Letter: Reader has “attractive suggestion” for scrap metal location

Letter: Reader has “attractive suggestion” for scrap metal location

Dear editor,

In the May 18, 2019 article “Contentious property back in Ponoka County spotlight” the inference in the final paragraphs of the article was that county administration was to assist the landowners to find a suitable property for their metal recycling business (junkyard).

In the spirit of goodwill to assist in the property search I have an attractive suggestion. The abandoned gravel pit in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Hwy. 2 with Matejka road seems to me to be a very suitable location. The property is 29 acres in size, has excellent access, ideal visibility to highway traffic, and is isolated from residential neighbours. The modular unit adjacent to the property is for sale; the modular unit to the north is abandoned; the residence to the east is sheltered from the business by Hwy. 2. No other residence will be within 750 metres whereas there are six residences within 700 metres of the present site of the junkyard.

Hwy. 2 traffic noise is considered by some to be more disturbing than the banging, clanking, and machinery noise in the loading/unloading, cutting/compacting, dismantling/sorting of metal recycling (junk recycling) operations. With that thinking the owners of the recycling business (junkyard) should be able to convince the few residents at this new location that highway traffic will serve as a noise buffer to the recycling operations.

Jim Lysons, Ponoka

P.S. When Prometal was working out of Lacombe City I paid them $200 cash to remove junk machinery from our yard.