Letter: Save Heritage Park

Public opinion that green space should be protected is not a recent political issue. It’s a long term civic value and was key to the original Heritage Park Estates development proposal in 1985. “Heritage” referring to the seniors who built this town, and “Park,” referring to that lovely green grassy public area that all these senior town homes enjoy via their garden gate and open chain link.

The present town council needs to honour their long-term commitment to the seniors of Heritage Park Estates.

We need to protect green space because it’s valuable, especially when part of planned communities like Heritage Park Estates.

If development overtakes parks, that land is lost for public enjoyment for several generations if not forever.

Please vote against selling this green space for private development.

(The proposal by Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Jorgenson is of an L-shaped 16 unit multi-storey condominium built across the entire south boundary of the park and right up to ten feet along our garden fence. Two thirds of our view of the park would be blocked by the west exterior wall.)

As personable as the developers are, their proposal is not, in our opinion, acceptable to the members of the community most affected.

Marjie Feil,