Letter: To Premier Jason Kenney and AHS

There is a lot of concern over doctors having to play God and make choices with COVID-19 patients as this pandemic continues. I do not know why that is such an issue when you have already been playing God with hundreds of people on waiting lists. Some have died, others have gotten so much worse, their lives will never be what it was. My friend has been waiting 17 months and is still waiting. She has gone from being able to live independently to now unable to leave her apartment. I am worried and afraid I will check in on her and find she has taken her own life as that is the point where she is at.

There are many rural hospitals that are close to major centers. Why can not one of them be designated as COVID-free and surgical? Would not have to buy equipment as so many surgical rooms being unused. COVID is not going anywhere soon so are we dooming all those on waiting list to worsening life conditions. One hospital renovated a surgical room to handle several types of surgeries. Do the same kind of surgery for the week, then rotate to another and start getting the people off waiting lists. Doctors and surgical staff would have to either commute or stay in the community for that week. I live in Ponoka and work in Red Deer everyday it is quite possible. I do not know of any patient that would not be willing to travel if it meant they could get their surgery done.

COVID-19 is not just killing infected people and it is unfair an inhumane to put so many others at risk for long term pain and needless suffering. It is a crisis, it will be with us at least another year before anyone gets a handle on it and many sacrifices have had to be made and horrible choices made. But we need to broaden our scope and not lay the burden on so many who also need help. Let us give them a sliver of hope as well.

Linda Greer,


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