Letter: Too much garbage around town

Dear editor,

I like to go for walks around town. I’ve been walking almost everyday. I noticed that there was a lot of garbage along the streets around town, so I started to pick up the garbage because it gave me something to do while I was walking and it made me feel that I was helping to keep our town looking a little nicer.

I usually take the same route everyday and I found that I could pick up at least one grocery bag of garbage everyday. It made me wonder if the people that are throwing all this garbage out think that it’s their right to make our town look like a garbage site. Most of the things that I find are: take out coffee cups, fast food bags, face masks and cigarette packages. It’s not the kind of advertisement our local restaurants appreciate I’m sure.

Sometimes I take different routes, and have picked up five bags of garbage. There are many garbage cans around Town, so I empty my bag when it gets full or even if it isn’t quite full I’ll empty it anyway. We have a very beautiful town here and there are ample garbage cans around, so I don’t think that there is any excuse for this.

I’m sure that there are other people that go for walks and pick up garbage as well and I would think that they would agree with me.

The other thing that I see on my walks is a lot of people walking their dogs. I love dogs, but what I don’t love is seeing dog droppings along the sidewalks and sometimes right on the sidewalk. Maybe they don’t know that there’s a town bylaw that requires them to pick up after their pets.

Will Dillen,


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