Letter: True leaders don’t take vacation in a crisis

Dear editor,

When I worked at a large company a few years ago, with hundreds of employees, I remember my manager trying to take vacation. Our head office only permitted him to be away from the company for a week at most. So my manager booked a week-long Mexico vacation, paid for flights, and planned it out when things at the office seemed to be settling down. Well, the tides changed and he was needed. He didn’t go on his vacation and he was out hundreds of dollars. His main job, however, was to lead our company. Head office needed him at the helm and so, there he was, managing, leading us through the storm.

Here in our province, the MLAs left at the helm, including Ron Orr, are trying not to touch this subject with a 10-foot pole. They appear to keep reiterating that the good ol’ boy-Jameson-Whisky-drinking-Premier Jason Kenney, who hasn’t been seen since Aug. 9, needed a vacay and that he’s out of the office.

Premier Kenney is responsible for millions of people, people who are sick, people who are dying. Our healthcare system is on the brink of collapse and our children, many of whom cannot be vaccinated, are headed back to school right as the Delta variant takes hold.

But Kenney is seemingly wearing his $40 ‘Best Summer Ever, Alberta 2021’ hat, God knows where. Why should we be concerned that the leader of our province is MIA? Management 101, folks. It’s clear he’s not managing.

Jessica Jones,