Making sense of political disorder

Politics around the world and throughout history have been bold, daring, undermining, strategic and sometimes chaotic.

Politics around the world and throughout history have been bold, daring, undermining, strategic and sometimes chaotic. In France, Napoleon Bonaparte smartly pushed his way to be emperor, then first consul for life, of his people, in a time when they swore they would never have a dictatorship. He upset the politics of the nation and became a great military leader who brought France to the top of the world. Even after he was banished, when he snuck back into France, many military men switched sides and followed him again.

The apartheid in South Africa was an upset to the whole country. The politics of the country were corrupt and supporting racial segregation. Nelson Mandela took an active stand against these thoughts, turned history around and successfully was elected president of South Africa.

The Tudor/Stuart political history had many people getting their hands dirty, there were beheadings, upheavals, coups, and the like. But it was all in efforts to maintain and uphold the monarchy.

There are so many more instances today and in the past where political mess was made for the purpose of gaining respect for the country and obtaining a greater good. Thailand, China, Belarus, Argentina, etc. have made or are making key political changes based on corruption or a major issue in order to make it right.

This recent Canadian gong show seems to be nowhere near the goal of gaining respect or changing this country around. There is virtually no good purpose for three political parties with different ideas to come together and topple the Conservatives.

How are they, as a group, going to govern a changing country, how will they even be able to work together? It seems that the only thing they have in common is a hatred for Stephen Harper, how can anything good come from that?

And, they are asking Liberal leader Stephane Dion to be the head of all of this. Dion, the guy who was going to leave the Liberal party all together. Talk about instability. I do not see a plan, a reason or a direction coming from this new coalition.

First of all, where is the majorly huge problem that calls for a coalition between the Liberals, NDPs and the Bloq Quebecois? What was so incredibly wrong and scandalous with the Conservatives that a little ‘coup d’etat’ is necessary? From what I can see, there is no huge injustice to Canada from the Harper government that needs to be terminated.

This huge economic crisis that is hitting our country is an issue that needs to be addressed but why come out with a coalition? Isn’t there other, more mature and less messy ways to get a foot in the door? Why cause a bigger mess in government when what the country needs right now is stability?

It appears that the new coalition just doesn’t enjoy the methods of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and wants to change it. But, if it were the other way around the other opposition would be the same way. You can’t win in the government if you are picky about the way things are run, there is no way to make every political party happy.

Also, with the economic uncertainty and other issues in Canada, the people of the country are looking to Ottawa for guidance and leadership. What does it say to voters who just came from the polls about the strength of our government? It’s a slap in the face to be told your vote and opinion might not count. What happened to democracy, isn’t that what Canada is all about? Why is it that our votes are possibly being turned against us because some parties in the government are upset with the current plan?

The whole thing, I believe, is demeaning. Parliament has already disgraced itself with name-calling, loud mouthing, scandals and the like, in the House and now it’s telling people that they mean nothing to the outcome of their country.

I really hope that Her Excellency the Honourable Michaelle Jean puts Canada’s needs first, recognizes the votes of Canadians and respects the democracy that has helped build this nation.