MLA Ron Orr speaks to the future

MLA Ron Orr's column looks at the Wildrose's plan to unite conservative parties.

Last week Brian Jean announced he is willing to put his leadership on the line to unite conservatives to build a strong future for Alberta.

We believe there may be a path for one conservative movement in the province. You can hear this in full on my facebook page at MLA Ron Orr.

We invite you to share your feedback during upcoming town hall events.

Under Alberta law, political parties cannot merge. That means we will need to find another creative path forward.

What are your thoughts going forward for the conservative movement?

Uniting the right still faces major pitfalls. There are concerns about the timelines to dissolve two parties and build a new party from the ground up. Wildrose will need to consult directly with members, needing 75% support. The PC Party has to select a leader and decide what their choices will be going forward.

The Wildrose party believes in uniting Albertans on a foundation of compassion conservatism, self-reliance and grass-roots principles. Many Wildrose members simply want a party of integrity, without corruption a party where you the people once again, have a voice.

The PCs are still sorting out some identity issues. Many people in both parties believe that the PC Party has lost its way.

Wildrose has a vision and the passion of a reformer’s movement filling its sails, its bank accounts and its membership rolls. The dream of the Wildrose movement is to push the restart button on the conservative movement in Alberta.

We have an opportunity to restore the confidence of Albertans in our political process. We believe that politics must come from and belong to the people. Brian Jean, Wildrose leader, has said for a long time that our goal is to “unite the right people.”

So many questions remain:

If the parties merge what will the legal structure be?

Will the Wildrose grass roots policy process be preserved? Accountability and grassroots populism are non-negotiables for Wildrose.

Will the Wildrose be willing to forfeit to the government the donations received, as required by law, if they fold the party?

What do you think is the best path forward? Unite or press-on alone? We invite you to come and tell us what you think the way forward is. Come hear what your neighbours think.

Meetings for the “The Way Forward” were held at Town Halls with Brian Jean on Feb. 7 in Blackfalds, Lacombe and Ponoka. (Details of the Ponoka meeting will be reported in next week’s edition of Ponoka News.)

We need to make sure that the conservative movement is more than just about beating the NDP, but building the strongest conservative movement in all of Canada.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact my office at 403-782-7725 or by e-mail at or drop in 101, 4892 46 Street Lacombe.