Carlie Sanderson

Mosquitoes and cats seem to be particularly pesky this year

I noticed the mosquitoes were especially bad this summer when I went outside not too long ago and came in with way more bites than usual. It’s definitely a nasty summer for them this year compared to what it was last year.

Apparently, mosquitoes have been on the rise nationwide, and it’s so important to take proper precautions around them.

Yes, it’s definitely annoying to get those itchy bites, but it would be way more intense to get the West Nile Virus. Some things to consider are wearing a long-sleeved, light-coloured shirt, although this can be tricky in those hot temperatures. Another more simpler solution is wearing that bug spray. Mosquitoes are of course more active at dawn and dusk, so taking extra precautions at those times should help.

Whenever I go outside with my boys, I actually don’t spray them with bug repellent, I instead use these super neat stickers that act as a shield for bugs and they are said to be effective for up to six hours with no harsh smells! Definitely a bonus. For kids especially, a bite can be quite uncomfortable for them, and some can develop an allergic reaction, causing even more discomfort.

Something else I’ve noticed while out in my garden are the number of cats I see at any given time. There are so many this year compared to other years. I love animals and love cats too, but I have two dogs and a pretty nice garden this year, and I’d prefer them to stay away. My dogs would definitely chase those cats that come into our yard, and I’d hate for one to get injured.

I feel like many people let their cats outside and expect them to stick around public places, not in other people’s yards, but honestly, more and more cats are ending up injured or worse when travelling on roads. I’ve seen a few posts this year of cats who are dying on the side of the road after being hit by a car.

Personally, if I had a cat, I’d make it an indoor one, who can still go outside, but with my watchful eye. I get sad to read about so many people who are searching for their cats, when it seems like such a simple solution.

So, if you have a cat, try and respect other people’s yards and understand that some people have gardens and don’t want cat pee on their leaves or dug-up roots from cats. Yes, that has happened before. I’ve caught many cats in my garden, who I’ve nicely waved away. My dogs, however, would not be so friendly if they found a cat in their yard. Luckily that hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll try and be ready for when it does.