Jason Nixon

MP Jason Nixon: Fighting against Trudeau’s gun grab


The federal Liberal party has never let good policy get in the way of emotion when it comes to firearms legislation and regulation. After the costly and ineffective billion-dollar gun registry boondoggle of years past, since forming government again in 2015, they have continued to pursue gun policies that punish law-abiding firearms owners while doing nothing to keep our neighbourhoods safe from violent criminals.

Alberta’s government is doing everything in its power to keep out-of-touch politicians in Ottawa in check. We formed our firearms advisory panel in June 2020 to hear from Alberta gun owners and determine the best path forward to fight Justin Trudeau’s arbitrary gun confiscation scheme.

And in light of the federal government’s recent Bill C-21, which gives municipalities extraordinary powers to further regulate possession and storage of firearms, our United Conservative caucus passed provincial Bill 211, which protects law-abiding firearms owners from municipal officials who might seek to further restrict Albertans’ firearm rights.

Upon proclamation of Bill 211, Alberta’s municipalities will not be able to pass additional gun laws without the express permission of the provincial cabinet. Amendments to Bill 211 also ensure that the Minister of Environment and Parks is able to continue to manage hunting regulations, ensuring that law-abiding sport shooters and hunters are able to continue enjoying these activities.

Victims of violent gun crime deserve to be heard. We are making Alberta’s communities safer, by expanding the mandate of Fish and Wildlife Officers to help out in emergency situations while reforming our parole board and putting more resources into the justice system.

Legal firearms owners should not bear the brunt of policy that ought to target violent criminals. Unfortunately, that’s usually how it goes when Liberals are in charge in Ottawa.

Alberta’s government will stand up for responsible gun owners. We are appointing our own Chief Firearms Officer, and will continue to oppose all federal overreach. We will also continue to speak out loudly in opposition to bad policies crafted by urban elites in Liberal backrooms.

Albertan law-abiding firearms owners deserve nothing less.

Jason Nixon

Minister of Environment and Parks