Oh Canada … Are We Sliding Into Another War?

Mr. Harper has committed 69 military advisers to Iraq without any debate in parliament.

Dear Editor,

Mr. Harper has committed 69 military advisers to Iraq without any debate in parliament. The mission is supposed to be for 30 days. Mr. Harper has not bothered to disclose any details about this mission. We have no idea about the strategic or tactical activities.

Mr. Harper talked about his willingness to expand Canada’s involvement at a recent business leader conference in the US. He announced this in a foreign country, not in Canada and to Canadians! Where is his responsibility to us or his respect for Canadians? One can only imagine the outrage of Americans if President Obama would announce such a thing in a foreign country. The Opposition, and I assume Canadians, are concerned about a “slippery slope” that could lead to Canada ending up in a combat role. No doubt, Mr. Harper is facing enormous pressure form the US to join their mission, but haven’t we learned our lesson in 11 years in Afghanistan?

Even major players such as Turkey and the Arab States have not shown any eagerness to get involved, neither have any European countries, except France. So, why is Mr. Harper so eager to get Canada into another war? Worst of all, why is he not willing to share his plans with Canadians? No discussion in parliament in spite of ongoing questions by Mr. Mulcair. In fact, Mr. Mulcair’s questions about Canada’s involvement in the war against ISIS were met with Kindergarten behaviour and answered three times in a row with something about Israel. “No,” Mr, Mulcair said frustrated, “in Iraq, what is our involvement in Iraq?” No answers.

This is very disrespectful, the opposition leader in the house and Canadians have a right to know if we are sliding into another war such as Afghanistan. After all it involves young Canadian soldiers’ lives, so many lost in Afghanistan, so many returned crippled, emotionally destroyed and dealing with PTSD often for the rest of their lives; not to mention the billions of dollars in Canadians tax payers’ money ANY involvement will cost us. Canada is still in debt, even oil/gas rich Alberta. (How that is possible is another PC mystery).

Is it time for Canadians to speak up? Are we ready to sacrifice and destroy more young Canadians’ lives? Deal with the aftermath? Are you willing to let millions of taxpayers money be used for combat missions in Iraq and Syria? Are you ready to be dictated into another war that could last years? Don’t we need more infrastructure improvement here, health care or education money? There will be another substantial hike in post-secondary education, while in many countries in Europe that is free, no tuition, FREE education, the same in England, and Scotland. We are looking at continuous hikes, burdening our young people with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. 60 per cent of Canadians didn’t vote for Mr. Harper, let there be at least a debate in parliament about important issues such as involvement in another war.

And fellow Canadians, we do have a voice.

Ilse Quick