On garbage bins and water meters

Reader concerned over water meter and garbage bin changes.

Dear Editor,

I am concerned about what is going on in this village.

As a disabled veteran, I would like to know whether any senior or disabled person was consulted about these monster garbage cans. For myself, there is no way I am pushing that thing around, it can stay on the street and if they don’t like it, I intend to file a complaint with human rights agency.

Another thing is these water meters they installed. All the time I lived here, I never used more than 2 m3, lately it has doubled, yet I have no leaks. I believe these meters are not accurate. When I complained to the town office, all they could say is I must have a leak, not that they would look into it; in other words, it’s my responsibility, which is a load of crap.

So I have written to the Municipal Affairs office about it, we’ll see what is done.

Chas R. Cutting