Only we can elect the right MLA

Writer suggests proper scrutiny of provincial candidates is needed.

Dear Editor,

Election day, May 5, is not that far off, a matter of weeks. As the polls have shown, this is a sharply contested election.

What parties currently promise and what they will ultimately deliver over the four years of a majority mandate is sheer speculation. But what is known or can be known at close range are the candidates in our riding. It is worth scrutinizing them, talking to them, knowing where they stand on issues of value to us in the Lacombe/Ponoka constituency.

In many ways, the political party’s heavy weights will plot the party’s direction.

How will our future MLA represent our constituency or at some point even challenge   a questionable and largely big city drift in fiscal, social and development policy?

We are a rural constituency for most part that enjoy our way of life and the familiarity of our neighbours.

Traditionally governments have marketed big schemes and big economic projects. We do not want our MLA swallowed up by broad government strategies that have limited impact on ordinary citizens. It is a complicated political world out there.

Hopefully, our new MLA is equipped to meet this important but challenging role. Only we, as voters, can assure that we have a competent representative that will represent us intelligently, effectively and compassionately.


George Jason.


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